The Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2014 is a collection of articles on international arbitration by leading practitioners.

This edition focuses on topics related to the power of the arbitrator to revise and adapt the contract, for example in the context of price revision clauses, both from an American and Continental perspective and also in the light of public policy. Considering the new ICC rules, the enforceability of emergency arbitrators’ decisions is another widely discussed topic covered by this edition of the Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration.


Furthermore, this Yearbook takes an international look at arbitration, covering topical issues of central importance, including:

  • Challenging foreign awards in Italy
  • Witness preparation in international arbitration in the countries of the former Yugoslavia
  • The relationship between EU and the BITs of its Member States

The Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration is published annually.

The Editors
Christian Klausegger, Peter Klein, Florian Kremslehner, Alexander Petsche, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Jenny Power, Irene Welser, Gerold Zeiler

The Authors
Emanuela Banfi, Lisa Beisteiner, Erhard Böhm, Gianfranco Di Garbo, Michael Dunmore, Maciej Durbas, John Fellas, Anne-Catherine Hahn, Günther J. Horvath, Tijana Kojović, Christian W. Konrad, Rafał Kos, Marie- Christine Motaabbed, Michael Nueber, Vladimir Pavić, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Alfred Siwy, Irene Welser, Rainer Werdnik, Michael Wietzorek, Johannes P. Willheim, Reinmar Wolff, Venus Valentina Wong, Gerold Zeiler

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The Editors:

Christian Klausegger, Binder Grösswang Rechtsanwälte
Peter Klein, Petsch Frosch Klein Arturo Rechtsanwälte
Florian Kremslehner, Dorda Brugger Jordis Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Alexander Petsche, Baker & Mc Kenzie Diwok Hermann Petsche Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Graf & Pitkowitz Rechstanwälte GmbH
Jenny Power, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
Irene Welser, CHSH Cerha Hempel Spiegelfeld Hlawati Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten
Gerold Zeiler, Schönherr Rechtsanwälte GmbH

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