The Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2024 is a collection of articles on current issues and hot topics in arbitration. The present 18th edition contains 14 contributions from altogether 42 leading practitioners and academics.

The new Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration 2024 is out now!


The edition includes the “The Vienna Propositions for Streamlining Arbitral Proceedings” which summarize the discussions held at the VAD World Café in 2023. This year’s contributions address a variety of trend topics and current challenges, predominantly concentrating on commercial and investment arbitration, including


    • environmental counterclaims in investment treaty arbitration,

    • diversity as well as transparency in international arbitration, or

    • adapting arbitration to the construction sector.

“All Time Highs” in arbitration are featured as well, such as


    • determining the standard of proof, obstructing arbitral proceedings at their beginning, or

    • shielding secrets and safeguarding confidentiality in the taking of evidence.

The contributions also include reports providing insights into the successful work of VIAC and an update on recent Austrian court decisions and publications in the field of arbitration.

The Editors

Christian Klausegger, Binder Grösswang Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Peter Klein, Petsch Frosch Klein Arturo Rechtsanwälte

Florian Kremslehner, Dorda Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Alexander Petsche, Baker & Mc Kenzie Diwok Hermann Petsche Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Pitkowitz & Partners

Irene Welser, Cerha Hempel

Gerold Zeiler, Zeiler Rechtsanwälte GmbH

The Authors

Marianela Bruno Pollero, Marija Dobrić, Laurenz Faber, Samuel Farokhnia-Mimnagh, Aleksander Ghode, Manuela Grosu, Thomas Herbst, Enikő Horváth, Johanna Kathan-Spath, Robert Keimelmayr, Judith Knieper, Florian Kremslehner, Paul Krepil, Stefan Kröll, Niamh Leinwather, Aija Lejniece, Peter Machherndl, Sean McCarthy, Michael Mcilwrath, Lena Milacher, Maximilian Albert Müller, Renato Nazzini, Wing Nga (Karen) Ngai, Toni Nogolica, Marion Novak, Helmut Ortner, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Jessica Puhr, Ann-Kathrin Reschny, Peter Rižnik, Markus Schifferl, Alfred Siwy, Malte Stübinger, Takashi Takashima, David Tebel, Tigran Ter-Martirosyan, Panos Theodoropoulos, David von der Thannen, Heidi Walsh, Irene Welser, Stephan Wilske, Mathias Wittinghofer

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Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration

„… an excellent source for arbitration practitioners and business lawyers.“ (Hon.-Prof- Dr. Kurt Heller)

The Austrian Arbitration Yearbook is a collection of articles on domestic and international arbitration by leading practitioners.

The articles in the Yearbook analyze the implications of the most significant legislative changes in Austria and also compare these with other arbitral regimes elswhere in Europe arbitration in Austria or any other place.


Vienna Arbitration Days

The Editors of the Austrian Yearbook on International Arbitration are co-organizers of the Vienna Arbitration Days: Vienna Arbitration Days is the leading arbitration conference in Austria. Following our successful 2022 event, we will again welcome participants from numerous jurisdictions around the globe for two days of discussion on leading topics in international arbitration. Use this opportunity to be updated on salient arbitration issues, for networking and for dancing at a traditional Viennese ball.

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The next Vienna Arbitration Days will take place in 2025 in Vienna, Austria.